Other Projects

Sport - Sektion Fußball

Seit 1992

  • ​Durchführung wöchentlicher Hallen-Fußball-Trainings

  • ​Mitglieder der Sport-Union Tirol

EU-Life-Long-Learning Projects

2009 - 2014

Organisation und Durchführung von 2 GRUNDTVIG-Workshops

  • April 2010: European Songwriter Workshop - Nominierung zum Lifelong Learning Award 2010

  • May 2011: Acoustic Strings Workshop - Nominierung zum Lifelong Learning Award 2012

Organisation und Durchführung von
GRUNDTVIG und LEONARDO - Partnerschaften

2012 - 2014: Learn 2 Lead

    • Grundtvig Learning Partnership, financed by the EU

    • Partners: Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Turkey

    • Goal: the Role of the teacher in the classroom; conflicts and communication problems in the classroom in adult education

2011 - 2013: Playing 4 Integration (P4I)

    • 1st Role as Coordinator

    • Grundtvig Learning Partnership, financed by the EU

    • Partners: Ireland, UK, Romania, Poland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark

    • Goal: Learning of Folksongs, Co-Writing and Songwriting, Create a Handbook for Songwriting Workshops

2011 - 2013: European Art Confluence (EAC)

    • 1st LEONARDO Partnership (Vocational and Educational Training)

    • Partners: Portugal, France, Lithuania, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain

    • Goal: Vocational skills training in the follownig areas: music, ICT/media/image processing and languages

2011 - 2013: Seniors and Family tradition

    • Grundtvig Learning Partnership, financed by the EU

    • Partners: Spain, France, GB, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey

    • Goals: Developing of innovative teaching and learning material on integration of senior people into family life and promoting the inter-generational co-operation

2011 - 2013: CARIDIS

    • Grundtvig Learning Partnership, financed by the EU

    • Partners: Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland

    • Goals: Creation of a catalogue of trades, professions and traditional jobs in risk of disappearance in Europe

2010 - 2012: Intercultural Skills, Skills for Life

    • Grundtvig Learning Partnership

    • Partners: Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Austria

    • Goal: Invention of TOOLS for parents, grandparents and teachers to respect others, to contest prejudice, overcome ethnocentrism, for a positive intercultural environment

2010 - 2012: ECLAND

    • Grundtvig Learning Partnership

    • Partners: England, Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria

    • Goal: Learning of European Cultures and Language Diversity


Seit 2010

Organisation und Durchführung von Schul- und Hilfsprojekten in Kenia

    • Bau von Infrastruktur

    • Finanzierung von Lern- und Lehrmitteln

    • Region: Nairobi und Kwale

Kenya - Africa

Weitere Projekte von Christof Fink