Parent Info - Checklist



Internat der Schihauptschule NEUSTIFT
HabichtSgasse 1 (Attention: not Habichtgasse)
A-6167 Neustift (Kampl)

Day of arrival is SUNDAY, 15.30 – 16.45 hrs

    • Official start at 17.00 hrs

    • You will have the opportunity to see around the camp and meet the tutors

    • TRANSFER: if you need help tell us!


  • Departure is on SATURDAY, between 10:00 and 11.00 hrs


Sleeping arrangements (who sleeps where) will decided on the first day of camp. The wishes of camp members are taken into consideration.


Our tutors take care of the children through out their stay (= 24 hours a day).

Please inform your children that they can trust the tutors and inform them if they encounter any problems during their stay at the camp.

Please also inform your children that the summer camp also has specific rules that have to be followed.

Indiscipline or individual/group destructive behavior could lead to expulsion from the camp. In such cases parents would have to incur any arising extra costs which may result from stealing, alcohol abuse etc.


All camp participants must obey and comply by summer camp rules. Participant will be informed of the rules and regulations at the beginning of camp.

Cigarette smoking and alcohol are absolutely forbidden.

The boarding school is new. If things are destroyed or damaged they have to be repaired – on the costs of the parents.

Within the building all participants must keep their house shoes on. Please note that all visitors (also parents) are not allowed to use shoes in the new building. Kindly note: No slippers with wooden soles, and no shoes with black rubber soles.


Kindly note that visiting the children during camp is discouraged, because it interferes with camp routine and mostly leads to home sickness which is easily spread to other children.


Cell phones are allowed and are handed out to the children every day after lunchtime. Exceptions are possible. If you will not be available at this time, please inform the tutors so that a more convenient alternative time can be agreed upon.

Should the children inform you of problems or any complaints regarding other children, or homesickness, please get into direct contact with us. A tutor is always available in the office and can be reached on the following number: +43 5226 – 23 40.

At best call after dinner at around 19.30 hrs.


    • Please remember to fill out the parent declaration at the end of this letter and bring it to camp.

    • We also recommend that the children get immunized against ticks /tick bites (www.

    • Please make sure to inform us of any existing health problems, including intake of medicines at least before the camp begins to allow us to make the necessary adjustments.

    • If possible: Please bring an European insurance card with you or something that makes a visit at the doctor easy.


At the Camp participants can use our pocket money service for safekeeping.

    • Fixed amount of 20.- if you booked 2 weeks (Englishcamp I or II) for bus-tickets summer sledge or swimming pool
      If the money is not used, it goes back to the children!

    • Variabel: approx. € 20 - € 40 for their own needs: sweets, ice cream, ...

At the camp the children get everything what they need: food, salad, water/mineral water.

IBAN: AT41 5700 0560 1100 2900
Name des Kindes
- Camp, zB Englischcamp I oder II -
Woche 1, 2, 3 oder 4


Please take care that (important) clothes are marked with the name of your child.

We advice

  • Sport shoes, sandals

  • House shoes without wood sole

  • Swimwear, Bath towel

  • Cap

  • Water Bottle, light back pack

  • Sun crème

  • Rain Cover

  • Clothes – even for colder Weather

  • Towels

  • Toiletries (Soap, tooth brush, ...)

(No bed sheets!)

  • Games, Books

  • MOBILE DEVICE is allowed, but only in certain times

  • PLEASE don´t bring computer games with you!


    • Pencil case

    • Writing pad
      (Schoolbooks or dictionary are not necessary!)

For the parents-reception

    • Fill-out the parents declaration

    • E-Card or Health Insurance

    • Pocket money: € 20.- ( for 2 weeks) for bus tickets, entrance

    • If needed: Medicine

    • If needed: train or flight ticket